lunatic moon

As I submerge in the silvery floods

the full moon  rises to

the sclera of a dark blue eye –

“Observing, my dear! Observing

your fate and redemption…”

All those tiny human things

I wished to loose, not to suffer

not to hunger, nor to feel pain.

I´d give you my love, my hate,

my body, my pain, my thoughts,

my everything, just to be free.

-free from my humanity.

She quietly observes, maybe pondering.

The enormous eye rests on the rooftop,

blinks eventually. Once… Twice…

“As you wish, my love.”

Night´s cold I don´t feel anymore

I´m certain. I´m brave. I´m still here.

Wounds on my skin all healed

My soul´s grim is just a bad dream

Only the hunger keeps me company

I lick my muzzle starvingly

scratch my ear, with a paw…


But my scream is just a howl…

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