the frantic bunny dream

I was a huge white hare

with whiskers ´n long ears

trying to act normal

nervously fiddling around

with a leather jacket on

“Anything. Don´t tell them!”

I think I found hell

I think I found heaven

They told me I have nothing,

told me I´m nothing…

“Pray instead.” Take me in,

praying to whatever.

I think I can´t tell them.

I think I can´t tell the difference

aching electrifies my fingertips

bleeding from ears, and nose,

while watching a talkshow

“Don´t tell them, don´t tell anything.”

I think they already know,

they´ve killed two birds with a stone

I found hell, on my TV screen,

on my daily newspaper page

I think I found something;

that there´s nothing left for me

It made perfect sense,

only for a minute, or so…

then they gave me a carrot

and told me to behave.

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