With love, from a stray

Things happen all the time. Always, without stopping.

It´s aching, that the day proceeds, that the sun will set and the moon rise, that the wind will blow…

Disgusting. Terrifying. That the world carries on… but you can´t.

The locked-out feeling a stray always has. No, loneliness isn´t the worst part. That’s chosen. It´s the isolation you cannot overcome. The layer of vacuum around your skin, around your words, around everything that is not you. The lack of making contact, even if you wanted to…

Branched off the world, you slowly divide. It is  the cell of a new world, a world of your own. A little world with half transparent boundaries.

Outside, all that´s left is numbness and stiffness. Swept away by some sort of shock. I don´t remember what kind of shock it was…

The icy fields of despair in chill the marrow of your bones and you obey. No longer able to sustain the fires of resistance- you just back down… You give up… 

And still, the nights end, the days run by, you sleep, eat and breathe.

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