“I’m  more conductive, than other humans.“ The words bounce off my ears, spoken with the voice of a middle aged woman.

What was that? I look up puzzled.  The book in my lap is sitting tightly. The passenger in the seat opposite to me stares right into my face. It could have been her speaking… She says nothing more…  Awkward silence.  No context. No nothing – just staring…

Her  face  looks  like  white  marble,  with  amber  eyes. They are glowing orange, with the light reflecting from the horizon. The sun is rising right now…

She’s all dressed in black. How strange…  Suddenly I think, that her face reminds me of the rotation of a small asteroid. Sometimes you see them on TV – a big irregular white rock, slowly spinning ’round its axis.


She  turns  her  head to looks  out  of  the  train window.  Obviously,  she  has  no intention  on  repeating  whatever  she  just  said.  …Conductive? Hmmm… What  does  that  even mean?! What’s up with her anyway?

Maybe,  it´s  too  early  in  the  morning, and I just imagined her saying anything. The  train  is  shacking. Between the hills we are passing right now, the horizon is gleaming with white and yellow. The  sun  is  about  to  come  up…

I  know  her  somehow… Why do I know her? Oh yes, of course. The morning train.  I  see  her  from  time  to  time –  we  take  the  same  06:30  train. Funny, how the faces get impregnated into the mind, without being aware of it. I wish I had  some coffee and a smoke. Which  page  was  I  on?  Here?

Hissing  in  my  left  ear! Whoa! What the heck was that? Goosebumps  run up  my  scalp.  It  feels  like  ants  crawl under the skin  of my hands. Hair on my neck standing on end! What  is  this? I  clench up my hand to fits and open them up again. The  feeling stays… That  woman  is  staring at me  again.

“Superconductiveness“,  she  states. Creepy!  Like a superpower, or what? “Exactly,”  she  nods.

Did  I  say  that  out  loud?  Did  she  HEAR  me?  I’m  positive,  I  did  not  open  my  mouth at superpower…

“I – I  don’t  understand…“ The words bubble up from my mouth automatically.

“Neither do I,“  she  answers.

But  she’s  different  now!  No  more spinning  alien  planetoid. Just  a  normal tired  woman  on  the  morning  train,  on  her  way  to  work.

The  moment  passes  by.  I seem to  have missed something… No  more  electricity  under  my  skin. The  light  is  now  a  yellow  mist,  deprived  from  it’s golden  glow.

Something’s  gone…  There  is  an  invisible  hole  making  my  heart  race.

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