the point of breaking

A song makes my heart weep

for the lost stars I once knew…

Lost from your eyes

* * *

If ever  asked, why they´re lost

Don’t answer me,

don’t give me a clue

I´m the guilty one – a thief.

Send the messengers of death

through the darkness and dusk

to linger the haze over my eyes

Oh the fear that swayed above

my clouded life – and there,

even for the time of a heartbeat-

there is light, blinding, numbing…

Alien to the world of grey and fog

a clear crystalline force creeping,

swirling towards the core

of the midnight-sky, eternal darkness.

Clinging to the edges of the shadow,

forcing tension into the body, shaking,

vibrating and stretching,

to the point of


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