I don’t know what it was…

We just sat on the stairs, outside, in the darkness. No one spoke. Rain. It was a gentle, silent rain like in autumn; still summer though… Inside, the party was in full swing. Laughing, music and shattering glass was clearly audible, even outside the building. Next to me she moved suddenly. The ice cubes clinked in her glass. I still had liquor left in mine.

„You know“, she started, letting her voice slip away into the blue. „You know, I’m different.“            I waited if she threw a meaningful look at me, but she didn’t.

I stared at her silhouette, trying to spot the thing that wasn’t right. Felt like… Don’t know. She was weird. Definitely. She talked with an accent I didn’t know where to put…

Besides, who else would prefer the chill outside over a party? Who cares? Something about her face caught me, in first place. I think it was her eyes. She kept them casted down. But from time to time, she seemed to forget it, and I caught a glimpse.

She had unusually bright yellow eyes, glowing with a soft golden light. As if there was a lit candle in the depth of her scull.

„I’m a foreigner.“ She said in a flat tone. This time she looked at me. „You should not be here. With me.“ Her eyes darken. „Leave! They come to pick me up.“

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