soft spot

Mr. Jones’ psychotic adventures – part 2

 – part 1 – Where to, Mr. Jones?

There was a train, wasn’t it? You ask yourself, still half asleep. Train rides are always fun. You know that, don´t you?

Maybe not, when you are sitting on the lap of a full grown gorilla, and a thin man is forcing you to eat some fried spiders and crickets, with french fries. They are crunchy, but… Without ketchup, it simply doesn’t taste good.

You know, nothing tastes good without ketchup – surprisingly you never thought of that before.

The pillow has its own gravity. Your head seems way too big, so you decide to turn around and proceed with whatever you were doing before opening your eyes. Knocking. “Who the hell?” You grunt annoyed. “Stay put. Let it pass,” you tell yourself.

Then it dawns on you. It´s not your bed, not your room, not your apartment. You try to remember. Where are you? Your eyes fly open. Not your ceiling. Knocking. „Yeah…”

A woman comes in. Thank god! You are truly relieved. She’s a pretty one, not fully dressed. She’s a beauty! Except for the tail- yeah, that is weird. Long brown curly hair, blue eyes, and a fucking tail. You cannot unsee that. “Get up, darling,” she says, sounding worn out. “I have to go to work. I’ve already ate. Your turn.”

You still wonder what she is. Her tail twitches nervously. You stare at her back, while she starts to get dressed.

You know you should have stayed in bed. You hit your toe in the door, on your way to the bathroom. There is no milk for your coffee. The bread has grown hair. What did she eat? There is  raw meat in the fridge. A lot of raw meat. You think about those fried crickets. Weren’t that bad, after all…

Well… You go without breakfast. Suits you. Grinning to yourself, aren’t you? Yeah. Doesn’t matter, you had sex… Probably. You can’t remember.

A mug full with bitter black liquid is your only friend now. You don’t want sugar. Sugar is evil.

Sugar is the main part of becoming an addict. That you’ve been told. Last night. Ziggy has told you. Ziggy, the small strong man, who seems to know a lot about you. The gorilla too….

A really nice guy by the way. He’s from London, currently working as your driver. A polite person, but with a queer obsession for being naked. You’ll never understand that. You shake your head.

Your memories from last night are too jumbled. What happened? Why can’t you remember?

As far as you are concerned, you smoke cigars, you gobble bananas. Yes, gobble. Yesterday was gobble bananas and smoke cigars day. The gorilla has showed you how. Or was it smoking bananas and eating cigars? Anyway.

Now you can’t eat another banana for quite a while.

French fries would do just fine…

No french fries in not-your-kitchen. You want to ask her, if you can have her number, or her ketchup bottle. She seems nice, and smells good too. You think you can ignore the tail.

After all, you landed in her bed. You want to repeat whatever there was last night.

– part 3 – don’t forget the salmon

– part 4-  threats

– part 5 – … and you thought you had problems

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