Mr. Jones’ psychotic adventures – part 4

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Ziggy is sitting across the table. You will not give him any food, not even a pinch. As punishment. Anyone, who behaves like that doesn’t get a bit from the delicious dinner you are making.

You concentrate on Marina. Yes, that´s her name. She’s your beautiful tailed woman. She was surprised seeing you again at her door, but she accepted your offer. So you did well last night after all. That makes you proud.

She changes as you start preparing. Sweet potatoes, apples, flour, eggs, salmon, cutting herbs and that stuff. She makes you coffee. Still no milk. But she shows you where the sugar is. She´s smiling. She´s beautiful, you state that and swallow. She giggles.

You ask her about the amount of raw meat in the fridge. She says, that loves a good steak. Sounds good to you.

After your experiment with those spiders and crickets, who are you to judge her. Besides that she keeps a big dog. A neighbor brings it back from upstairs.

You have no idea why it has been upstairs in the first place. Doesn´t matter now, does it? You feel relaxed with her. Her apartment gives you a good feeling. That dog is really big. A black and white spotted Great Dane.
You nearly forget Ziggy. He glares at the dog. It barks at him once and then loses all interest. You stroke it behind its big ears and it moves along to her waging its tail. You like it, seems friendly and playful. In a moment when she is not looking, you hear it speak.

„Psss. Hey. Big guy. Pssst.“ You look surprised. A talking dog, you think startled. Amazing!  „Pssst. Hey. Human! Behave yourself, big guy, or I´ll rip your throat out. You´ll end up like the last one – in the fridge.“ Then it wags its tail and goes into the  living room to rest.

First time a Great Dane threatens you. Now that is something. You don´t know what to make of it. But you do not want to be rude anyway. You want to her to like you. Ziggy breaks the silence clapping his hands. He speaks for the first time, since he followed you here.

„Bravo! Don´t say I didn´t warn you! Mr. Jones! I´m very disappointed with you. You let your friends down for… her. You´ll see what good it does you. You´ll see… Don´t bother to call us.“ He turns on his heel and  marches off to the hall. You hear the slamming of the front door.

Grinning. You don´t give a fuck. You only care about her, and if she likes you, or not. You try your very best to please her. And not to be put away into the fridge.

Dinner goes extremely well. You are a good cook. You wonder how you never knew what great talent you have. You surprise yourself, this time. You will cook more often. This is a day to be proud of yourself.

The dog doesn´t speak to you, just smiles and wags its tail. Goes fine with you. You just have to concentrate at her anyway. And you are the sweetest tonight. You are charming.

Marina opens a bottle red wine. She likes wine, but you say no. You go with a beer. You don´t get that dizzy, and maybe this time you´ll remember everything.

She talks, and talks a lot more. About her mother and her job at the office, about a girl named Alize, who is her best friend, about her ex, about Albert, the dog. You listen and take notes in your mind. You try to take up every amount of information she is offering you.

You are doing the dishes. She´s relaxing on the couch with the wine, watching TV. Albert walks in. “Well done, big guy. Well done. She likes you. Do you have any leftovers? No fish bones!” You shake your head. There is an egg.

“You want some yolk? Good for your fur!” Albert barks and wags its tail.  He drools more. You guess that this means -yes. So you let him have the yolk.

Marina is right behind you, wrapping her wonderful arms around your waist. Your knees go jello again. Heat explodes in your belly. The rest of her body follows her arms and you end up in a twisted embrace, lips and tongues melting to one big hot deep kiss.


– part 5 – … and you thought you had problems

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