The steaming mug of tea drew a slow, hot circle in the laminate of the coffee table.

Normal physics. The best of it, the calming part. Not the going haywire for no fucking reason. Inside this room, my apartment. Everything seems to be stable for now.

Outside though… Visible vectors, stretching and distorting time and space… Things which should not be. Impossible things. Today I saw a bird climbing back into an egg, before exploding.

This is wrong… Everything… It doesn’t make sense.

I refuse to acknowledge, that this day should be doomsday. No. I don’t believe in doom!

After a while, you appreciate home like nothing ever before. Doesn’t matter how shitty it looks like. It is enough, that you have to deal with a lot of morons, and can’t take a break.

And I’m about to flip the table. Literally. I’m freaking out. The local news do nothing to sort that out. The anchorman smiles and looks distracted, as the video behind him shows a woman in a red dress crying, pulling a child with an over-sized stuffed Teddy behind. And the stuffed animal has red eyes and a mouthful sharp needle like teeth. Well its more that the stuffed bear is partly fused with the child… I got goose-bumpy all over and shuddered at the sight.

The worst thing ´bout this whole mess, is that I have it somehow triggered. Don´t ask me how. I don´t know. I don´t know. I DON´T KNOW!

I’m wrecking my brain over a dream I had last night. And the night before. Today is a freaky replay of that dream. No, it isn´t exactly a nightmare, just a bunch of weird angles and strangers talking to each other. I have no particular role in it, I observe.

Woman in red dress crying. Check. A kid with a stuffed Horrorteddy. Check. Teddy being and or eating  child. Check. Then there are some water snakes too… Um, where is it? I can’t quite remember where or how. I boggle at the news anchor. No snakes there. Behind him either…

My wrist. Something’s on it. I stop my teacup in midair. On the cup my hand. On my hand the snake. The snake! The warmth creps up my sleeve.

Oh, god… Not in here too.

What if it bites me? What if…

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