mind the control

Mischievous echo came

to cross my mind

do as I say, please me

and you´ll stay –

continuously  – everything

as it is, forever…

A fickle heart

carried by a sulky wind

ideas bursting into sparks,

to be a forest fire.

The demiurge´s words

were to be told-

“That which the fire doesn´t consume,

consumes the fire.” A legend, law by nature

I´m the puppet,

he´s my master…

A fickle mind blown

away like dead leaves

in autumn´s way,

gathering clouds freezing

frantic attempts to

collect and to preserve –

lives lost –

moments passed-

exhaled vapor…

and then… emptiness

echoing venomous

this rough silence,

forces to inhale

to live

to await

the moments to come…

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