“What?! That?! That mud ball? You´re kidding me, right? A fuckin´ joke!” He slams his fist on the monitor desk. The electronics, man! Watch it! I hate it when he does that.

Humans seem to have the uncontrollable urge, to transform emotional energy into kinetic energy. Useless, if you ask me, but I´m no expert in Humanology.

“No.” I don´t think it was a joke. The colony did well hiding the circumstances of this job description, behind carefully chosen words. Who would be dumb – or desperate – enough to get himself hired into this sector of the galaxy?

There it was! Straight ahead! The fifth and largest moon of Alba. Really nothing a human could be used to. Nothing like Earth. To compare Naga to it, would be like saying the Urguy Desert was a nice cosy oasis, always an arm length away from the next cocktail. Which is – of course – an unbelievable exaggeration.

“Alba is like Jupiter. You know Jupiter, professor?” I´m asking with an innocent face. Pointing to the screen:”That ‘mud ball’ there is Naga- your new home.” He looks at me not as amused as I am. Maybe a bit disgusted.

“This isn´t was I signed in for!” He shouts. Oh, human you shouldn’t be so picky. I could see disappointment and anger building up, gaze glued to the screen. You should have checked the coordinates  human… You know – curiosity is an advantage.

“Axys is on the southern hemisphere. We´ll be landing shortly. The governors of the independent territory already await you, so behave yourself. Keep your impulses to yourself and don´t touch the consoles again, with your filthy hands. It´d be a pity if I´d have to throw you out of the airlock single-handedly!” I was dead serious. No entity vents it´s spleen on the ship I built – except me! “You understand?!”

“Fine!” he snorted. The colony pays me  to bring him here and guarantee his safety during his stay on Naga.

“Duty is duty, but vandalism I won´t tolerate. No matter who you are!” I cornered him. Being twice as big and fully armored by nature, he winced at my physical appearance. I loved to scared him. Looking fierce eased my work.

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