…Lately he’s been exhausted on a daily basis. The mines were eating him alive. And he could not get away. He was chained. Literally!

It was one thing to be convicted and be thrown into prison. And an other to get dragged away from your house and family for the cause of your very existence.

If someone had told him two month ago, that he would end up in a lunar mine… He would have slapped that person and declare him or her crazy. Criminals ended in those mines. Not normal people like him. Well, normal wouldn’t fit now, would it?

Criminals were criminals and prison was prison. He always thought that it was okay that way. It was okay to be bored to death, or be beaten to death, with bars all day around you.

But they had at least beds.

Ah, beds… He needed sleep badly. So so tired! Exhausted…

…Forced labor was forced labor.

He even was too tired to pretend, that they did him wrong. He was somewhat abnormal, he suspected that for a while. Something was inside him. Driving him mad, doing all those… irrational things.

And aberrations were always illegal. He. An Aberration. He was an abomination… An unnatural existence.

Forced labor was a much more severe punishment, than prison. In those godforsaken mines you never got the chance to appeal. No pardons, no judges, no jury, no nothing… Sentenced to death, slow death, consuming hard labor. If he was lucky, he’ll… No. No thoughts about death or suicide. He never was a coward.

He’ll leech to life. No one knew that better than him.

He had no choice. That was the truth.

He was a leech.

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