„When did you ever get a straight answer from a cat?“ He threw an amused look at me.

“What?! Never, I guess. They do not talk much.” Huh… I dug my elbows into the grassy patch behind the doric capital stone. The Forum Romanum was as good as empty by now. The marble was still warm from the hot day. Overhead the sky was clear, the stars gleamed. The street noises didn’t subside at all, although it was past midnight.

I offered Peter the Martini bottle. I shook it, so he would look my direction. He leaned back, and took it. His too big jeans slid a bit down his hips. Oh my. „How long will you stay in Rome?“ I shrugged and forced my eyes away from him. Back to the stars.

„Dunno.“ The liquid plashed against the bottleneck. Silence. He sighed with pleasure. “As long as it takes…” I felt two hot spots on my jawline. I let our eyes lock again. No idea what it is between us two – fire hazard maybe. “Will you stay for the night?” His voice tried softly. He knew the answer.

The scent of laurel flowers was heady. The moths flirted with the street lamps. “You know I need to find it first… No fun, till the work is done.” Peter took another gulp from the bottle.

“I’m hungry.” He stated. ” I go and grab a slice of pizza. You want some?” He pointed at the far end of the forum. I knew there was a small Pizzeria. I shook my head. Before he stood up, he gave me the Martini back. I drowned it.

The slight aftertaste of coffee reminded me of happier days. In those days, we did nothing else, but hide under sheets and blankets in his bed. For days on end. I watched his back disappearing into the gloom of the night. The street lamps did not work the direction he went. From where I sat, I saw his white T-shirt darkening, till he melted into the bushes, stone heaps, parking cars and shadows of the trees.

I sighed.

“I thought you refused to come closer with anyone around.” No answer.

“Must be important then.” The grass parted behind me, and two half closed yellow glowing eyes met mine. The animal was bigger than cats usually were. Smoke grey fur melted with the shadows around. Its big head came up to snuggle with my face. He purred. “Do you have news?” I asked softly.

The cat sat down, tail slightly twitching. “The thing you were asking for. I found someone to provide, what you need.” It said.

I really had to concentrate hard, since I was tipsy and all. Some of the words resembled more meowing than talking. Which wasn’t far fetched, due to the cat being… a cat. Quite obviously.

“Listen.” It licked his front paw. “If the moon rises full, it will swallow the light. If it rises black, it will show you the entrance.”

Perfect! Another riddle! “Do you always have to talk in riddles?” I huffed annoyed. The catlick went on.

“No need to be impolite. We never give a precise answers. To anyone. Ever.” It stopped and threw me a judging glance. Fine!




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