“I can’t guarantee for your safety.”I shrug. Yeah, I know.

This is something I need to do. In order to grasp it, I guess. Shit… It seems to be a damned execution, judged from the photos taken. It is not easy to believe, that someone you knew your whole life, someone you love and look up to is – is responsible for such a terrible thing. Murder… Cold blooded murder.

I refuse to believe this. The Danny I know, would have never hurt  anybody. He even saved bees and flies from getting smacked with newspapers or shoes. He can’t. He just… It’s not possible.

“You don’t need to promise anything, big guy.” I smile back sadly. Things need to be done. It is how it is. He knows it and I know it too. “Just… I can’t believe it, you know. It can’t be true. I need to see him, talk to him. Maybe it’s  just a misunderstanding. Well. Let’s try not to die… Promise me that.”

“Oh, don’t worry, lad. I can promise that.” Sam laughs teeth and gum showing fully. I like him a lot. He’s honest, a straight forward guy. Always someone to rely on… “He’s your older brother?”

“Yeah, three years.” Those three years made him infinitely wiser and more caring than our father or mother ever could be. He got all beat ups, even if I was to blame. He stood in front of me, taking our father’s fists. Never crying. God… He protected me, he paid for my school. He… He is and was my only friend and my family. When I say my flesh and blood – that is Danny. I know him better than anyone else. He’s not a killer.

“Hey, got word from friends… He’s been sighted in district 11 industrial grounds. Some storage units he owns there.” Sam’s  huge hand rests on my shoulder, with the other one he offers me a gun. “Just for safety.”

“No!” I stubbornly shake my head. I don’t want it. It’s Danny, for god’s sake!

“As long as I’m responsible for you. You take it!” His voice accepts no protest. It feels heavy and cold in my hand. It’s long ago that I had one. Danny taught me to shoot…


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