Lately, matter is clustering…

That’s news to me, since there was none before.

And I wasn’t constantly bumping my elbows or knees or heads in it. Seriously, you just turn around and pay attention to that dark energy thingy, and BAAAM! You bump your head into a galaxy. You should have seen the look on my faces.

Surprise! Someone is tossing dirty snowballs at you, just send them back flying into oblivion.

Space is expanding, which is good, now I can stretch, at least. Really! My back is killing me. Figure of speech!

It’s getting cold too. I don’t like cold. My kind loves heat. All kinds of heat and pressure. It’s just a matter of time, when it will be so freezing, that I start to hibernate. Duh, fingers already clumsy. I should start looking for a proper place to rest… Sleep comes soon enough.

Stretching is fine, ah.

I only wish I wouldn’t toss those little pebbles around. This is annoying. Look at that one. It flies right into my eyes. Stings like hell. Little mudball.


Germs! GERMS!

Germs be GONE!

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