He looked at the photo closely. His thumb felt the glossy surface of the printed paper. Black and white. Actually this was the photo of a drawing.

The table was a mess. Coffe in different cups, different blends of age, vaporizing ever so slowly. The ashtray looked overcharged. Smoking can kill you- yes it can. The lack of it too…

He was still staring at that picture. Following the outline of her jaw, the way her hair fell, her mouth, and stubbornly trying to avoid her eyes.

His back ached. He had to light the lamp. Outside, the world has been washed. Well, maybe not the whole world, just this side of town. Till now it has been a gentle rain. Usually perfectly fitting for work. But not today. Not yesterday, or the day before yesterday… Not perfect for the last two weeks. He sighed and laid his head on the desk. A headache was coming. He could feel it creeping up his back. Dammit. He won’t be able to sleep. The cold he was feeling on his temple and cheek was soothing. He squeezed his eyes shut.

“Ah, dammit. I have to do it.” He mumbled. They paid already. And he spent it …already.

He grabbed his little black book and went through the notes.

May 7th. She is shopping again. Things she already owns. Ridiculous pink. Childish giggling. He sighed exhausted. She made a boring and shallow impression on him. He  did not understand his client – but he did not have too. He just had to do his job. Accurate and on time.

May 8th. Visiting a  friend. More giggling. Taking photos of each other.

May 12th. She got nearly hit by a car. He has been right behind her and had jerked her back, with all his power. It was a reflex. No one could blame him for that… Even he had such reflexes left in him. She cried and had thanked him, then she ran off. She wasn’t relieved. He tried to follow, but she was faster. He thought she would need some dark corner or hole to hide in. He understood. He understood very well.

May 19th. Ice cream. Strawberry. Vanilla. Such a child. Cheerful as ever. When no one is observing, she sinks her nails into her thighs. There has to be a pain, but she isn’t flinching. What a Drama-queen! Today blue jeans. She met her crush in the streets. Puppy-love. If she knew, where that boy has been before, she’d never kiss that mouth.

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