tick tick tick…

So, how do I get this working? IS this right? Can you see me now? Better now?

Do you hear me? Mobile? Are you serious?

Who the hell are you? Is there anyone else I can speak to? Like the bomb squad? Then get them on the phone, what are you?

A moron?

Oh god, why me? Why does this happen to me? I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?

How the hell should I know? What do you mean “enemies”?

I’m sitting on a god damn bomb, what DO you think?

I don’t have a screwdriver, can I take a pocketknife? Where is it, where is it? So?

Am I doing this right? Wires? Here? Or there?

Should I cut this wire, or that one?

Which button? Which BUTTON?


What kind of idiotic color is cyanblue? Can’t you say that?

Don’t tell me to calm down, cause I’m no pro, or do I sound like one? Whose ass is going to blow up in five minutes? Yours? Or mine?

Now which one? That?

What do you mean you don’t know?

Aren’t you guys from the bomb squad?


Why does it make that sound?


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