One two, one two. Test, test.

Harold Brack is a middle aged, slightly obese man, who picks his nose when being nervous. And he is nervous most of the time, being a coward doesn’t help. When not hiding in storage rooms, or lurking in basements, he actually mops halls and lavatories, changes bulbs from time to time.
His dubious hobby -his thrill- is to pick locks, on interesting doors: wooden doors, steel doors, doors on safes, car doors. You see, all doors are interesting, when locked. Then he’s messing with things in the apartments. Small things, like putting the remote in the fridge, switching toothpastes with foot creme, shacking every can he finds. Basically he’s being an ass.
Though he’s never been caught, he has nightmares about being thrown into jail and ending as a finger puppet. A hooded figure named Pain, stalks him and forces Harold (with brute force) to go steal for him. He tries to escape, but Pain seems to read his mind, anticipating his every move.

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