The Cassandra Concept

part 0.01 - 
part 0.02

“I got you a blanket, so you won’t freeze.“ Steve smiles and hands Tom a grey woolen cover.

Already half undressed, Tom furrows his brows. He stops mid motion, shoe laces around his fingers. “It looks scratchy. I’m hungry and it’s freezing.“ He looks at Steve’s face and stops again, irked. “Don’t stare like that!

“-Like what?

“Like I was a T-bone steak, ‘n you hungry… It’s awkward.

The blanket flies unto the morgue slab. “I just can’t please you, huh?“ Steve smirks. “When did you eat the last time?

He turns on the monitors and checks the cameras and sensors. He heaves the emergency bag unto a trolley. Still he moves through the room, never letting Tom escape his eyes.

“Six hours ago. As you told me to.“ Tom stands there barefooted, looking oddly small near the table, hugging himself. Steve tries a warm smile to assure him, but he seems to get even smaller. “I’m hungry. When this is done, you owe me! Not only dinners and lunches, but also lots of roast beef sandwiches! And steak. You owe me big time.“ He throws his left shoe to the door. “See? Goosepimply. All over. God!” To Steve’s surprise, Tom’s eyes water up. “Please tell me, everything’s going to be okay.

“It’s going to be okay.“ Steve pulls out a little book out of his pocket.

On the fifteenth page he finds what he needs. The picture shows the correct location for the ECG electrodes. From his pants he pulls an envelope with nine sticky electrodes Decker swiped for him. He approaches Tom and  starts to stick them smoothly on his chest.

Tom swings himself onto the slab uneasy. Looking around in the morgue increases his doubt by every second.

Steve can’t let him doubt the experiment. He is the most important subject to this experiment. He is the only subject.

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