The Cassandra Concept

part 0.01 / 0.02

They follow a man in scrubs down some corridors, where the lighting is even worse, than in the janitors lounge. The air is heavy with the stinging smell of sanitizer some aggressive detergent. It is Decker showing them the way. The blinking of the last vending machine fades away. The longer they go, the harder it gets to breathe. It’s hot and stuffy. Steve thinks of Tom being late. He really got scared, that his test subject wouldn’t show up. In those ten minutes he thought about a plan B, and the amount of booze he would need to persuade a hobo to play along.

Somewhere in front of them, Decker rustled with some keys. God knows where he got them from, or what he paid to get them. Money… Something Decker never scorns. God bless him. Steve mused if he payed him too much for this whole thing. 

Behind Steve, Tom drags his feet and coughs nervously.

Decker slows down as he reaches a bin. In the bin there is a back-pack and a  small oxygen bottle. He pulls out the two items and opens a big heavy fire door. His foot holds the wing of the door open, and makes an inviting gesture into the solid darkness. „Welcome to hell.“ Tom can’t suppress a gasp. Steve thinks of hitting Decker. With a chair or something, right into that greedy mug of his. „Don’t get worked up! I’m joking.“

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