The Crow of Nine-World

a Chuck Wendig prompt (245 words)- here

It’s starting to snow. Got the lighter ready in my hand, just about to spit sparks and flames. My cig catches fire.

I’m waiting for Ira at the entrance of his apartment building. He’s supposed to show up forty minutes ago. He isn’t answering his phone either.

It’s not that he wants to be picked up, or something… I walk him down to the theater cause he gets mugged. The first couple of times he goes on his own, he gets beat up, robbed, and a car hits him. Not good showing up with a bloody nose and a black eye, when being the lead.

Theater folk is superstitious. He’s jinx. So they pay me to get him safely to the rehearsals.

Ira says he’s cursed. Bullshit! That’s what I say, but I’m only the janitor. One time I ask about his bad luck. He says, it’s his gramps fault.

One day, him being a toddler, he wanders off and disappears in the woods.

They can’t find him. For three days. They are about to give up, when a huge white crow appears. His gramps shoots that bird. Where it falls to the ground, they find him. Unconscious. Hurt.

He shows me his chest, pulling the neck of his T-shirt down.  A small circular snow white scar flashes on his breastbone.

He gives me a grave look. His gramps taints his destiny that day.

He can’t fly away from trouble anymore.

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