test costumer 2

  • second draft of  my assignment, eh – still not it…
  • here is the first draft

I update my feed: Natsume’s companion (&) ship. Not to brag, but this is pretty popular revlog on the iView Flash Network, and I’m a pretty popular Flash celebrity. My 6 mill followers say so.  As a pro android tester, I’ve gotten myself quite a reputation.

Valentine Goddess Maiden Cafe Ueno is next. Limited possibilities, limited time, limitless fun. Not stopping for any taboos, or whimsical second thoughts. I take them all the way.

Adjusting my custom interface in my glasses, I walk through Ueno Park, avoiding the masses, the lovers, the loners. My reflection waves me, at the entrance of the Cafe.

Some birds squawk over head. Probably lovesick, and the February cold doesn’t help. Valentine’s Day doesn’t stop at any life form – human or animal, maybe not even artificial. I open a line for the flow of requests, pinging links back and forth to my F.A.Q. wall.

“Welcome Natsume-sama!” The maiden at the entrance  seems to recognize me. “Welcome at the Valentine Goddess Maiden Cafe Ueno. The best table for you.” I nod at her friendly and follow her down a little hallway into a big darkened room. Candles lit on every table, all of them occupied by couples. The maiden leads me to a table at the far back, to a young woman. “This your seat,” she beams at me.”Can I bring you something to drink? Or who’d you like the menu card?”

“No, only hot chocolate for me… Oh, and the premium gold Valentine’s Day package.” The maiden bows and hurries away. I sit down. The woman facing me is smiling. “Hello. What’s your name?“

„It’s a secret. Pick any you like.“

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