Hi folks!  Malden Reljanovic, the creator of WriterToWriters, is looking for submissions. If interested, look below:

I’m very happy to announce, then, that we are launching our first ever magazine!


The magazine bearing the name of our website, Writer to Writers, will be published in January, 2018.

Due to the volume of submissions we are receiving, the submission dates have shortened and the space is running low. We will receive submissions from from July, 29 until August, 14.

What We Are Looking For

We are aiming to publish three types of content:

  • Articles
  • Columns
  • Short stories

Articles would be fairly similar to the articles we publish here, but adjusted for printed medium in style and graphics. Subjects we are looking for are detailed instructions on very specific literary devices, approaches to writing, etc. Also, under articles we accept reviews, recommendations and best of lists.

Columns would be a more subjective way for authors to share opinions on on-going developments within the market. Such subjects could include the opinions on the state of independent publishing, opinions on the state of certain genres, predictions of the trends in near future, and more.

Short stories are free of form and structure but need to be above 1,000 words long.

What You Are Getting

Every author who is selected for the winter publication will get free ad space on optimal pages near their articles to promote their work, whether it is an Amazon/Smashwords title or a website they run.

We ask only for first time rights and all the rights revert to their original owners on the day the magazine is published.

In case you are rejected, you will receive an editorial comment on why that was the case, within fourteen (14) days of the deadline.

More Info and Submitting

Anyone interested in submitting a piece to the magazine is welcome to do so.

All your submission e-mails should be titled “For Magazine” and sent to:

One author is free to submit three (3) pieces.

For more information about our magazine you can send an e-mail titled “About Magazine” at:

Good luck!

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