„Today’s the day! The day you’ve been waiting for: ‚LOSE THE KINK OR LOSE THE LIMB‘!“ A pleasant male voice booms through a bright space.  Applause and deafening cheers wake Una from her slumber.

Her mouth feels fuzzy.

She doesn’t remember going to bed. Instead, she remembers doing seventy on the interstate ninety-five, just past Trenton. She is on her way to the most important test screening in her carrier. Evening news, here she comes! That job has her name written all over it. Una Hawthorn, the new face on ABWD.

„My name is Tigran, and I am your show master.“ In front of Una, a man shaped blur bows to the lights. A funny colored  human shaped silhouette with too many arms turns to her. Two left arms stretch out. „I present you: Una!“ More cheers and applause erupt. Lights focus on her. She tries to move, but only tugs at restrains. The white blinds her, causing  sharp headache.

There were lights. On the interstate, there were orange, red and blue lights, humongous in size, impossibly hot and bright. Out of nowhere they obstruct the road.

She floats.

No, the car floats in the air, and then… The night sky and the interstate below turn into an inky pool. Everything withers to nothingness.

Except, the four armed man in the rainbow camouflage tuxedo. But that isn’t possible!

„Her home system is: Sol.“ His melodious voice is omnipresent.  „You guessed it, dear viewers, she’s Terran.“ Audible gasps fill the air.

„You heard right. Terrible Terra.“


to be continued


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