“What’s the worst, when you collide with a parked car in summer?” She smiled and shook her golden locks as an answer. Her thumb brushed my split lip. The lack of reaction made her curious. “It’s the hot metal on your naked tights, belly and the sensitive parts,” I pulled her knees up towards me, forcing her weight into my grip on her waist.

Her painted fingernails traced my tattoed back, finding all the bruised spots. “Why were you naked?” She breathed. Those full lips were so close to mine, I nearly melted into them.

“I’m a fool. No other reason needed.” I kissed her. Her laugh filled my pickup, like weed smoke, making my head swim.

“You’re the most fun person I know, but you sure need to get back on your medication.” She kissed me back, and I thought my heart would burst.

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