This is for you!


The Penumbra Podcast got your back. Don’t worry. No matter where you go, it will follow you, even if you’re traveling to Mars or Titan, or you’re just shopping for groceries. 

The Penumbra Podcast is out there, lurking in your daydreams. And suddenly, you are aware of your blood thumping in your ears, your fists clenched, your biting inner voice, your eyes… Yeah, especially that eye.

You feel the Penumbra Podcast smirk in the darkness behind you, but instead of scared, you’re all excited.

A fair warning. You don’t care to get tangled up in the most addictive narratives? Stop right here. Walk away.

But if you choose to stay, the Penumbra Podcast will sit you down, pour you a stiff drink and tell you about Mars’ most annoying but exceptional queer PE. It will whisper to you of cat-bombs, ancient aliens under your feet, maybe corrupted friends, of a definitely corrupted police force, and honest, passionate criminals.

No doubt, the Penumbra Podcast is a brilliant piece of work, dramatic, cutting, funny, snarky and heartbreaking. It keeps you hungry for more. It quickly became one of my favorite podcasts, with a tendency to addiction.

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