You woke up today, congrats.  One down, thousand fifty-two to go. You will fall asleep, and wake up in Paris – for a month. Don’t trust a word what the cats say. There is no truth in a cat’s answer.


Yep. That’s a grizzly. Nope, it’s not the Yeti. By the way, those berries you ate half an hour ago, those weren’t huckleberries. Yep. Pretty much.


Your doppelganger dropped by, as you slept it off. He brought you groceries. He watered your plants and washed your dishes. That’s concern. You drink too much. If you keep this up, he needs to step in and take over much faster than he planned. Pull yourself together!


You will be silent. Before that, there will be bad luck, and earthquake, war and bloodshed, explosions and hurt. Then you will laugh.


The simulacrum you created is faulty. You know where that is going to lead you? Not to world domination. Well, this isn’t a popularity contest. Keep away from wolves and werewolves.


It’s one of those days, where you need to stop and think, real hard. Who are you, Virgo? Try to remember. Who are you, and what did you want in the kitchen? Why are your hands bloody? Remember.


A questionable choice, but hey- you’re the one left holding the bag.


Enough! Your bruised knuckles say so. You’re adequately prepared. Put on your armour, hone those blades. Careful with that poison. The one you are going to fight is on his way.


You will meet the woman today. She’s will show you a mask. You will take it and make it your own. Before you know, she will be your terrible lover. Time feeds your shadow, nurturing its budding into the abyss.


Death comes. You know there is a bargain to make. Your life for another, lifetime after lifetime. Death comes and brings the ghosts to haunt you. The poltergeist activity is the strategy to slow you down.


In the dark, there are monsters. They are afraid. They want to warn you, but they have no vocal cords to speak with, so they fall back on symbolism and omen. A mosaic of hints and superstition will lead the way.


Let that nightmare lead you to salvation. You know which one. The Gods have decided.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Horrorscope

      1. I’ll try to, on a weekly basis- this is a WIP, so I need to find a voice for it. Hey, you know Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency? I twas kind of an inspiration.
        I’ll do my best to weird everybody out, at the same time.

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      1. just a thought. I’m being generally weird and dark, I appreciate someone likeminded.
        I bet you have some good dark advices you want to get off of your chest? And there are enough weeks in the year to spread those words, for both of us. It felt good to whip that thought out there.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ‘Weird’ and ‘dark’ do describe me quite well, along with ‘delightful’ and ‘gets lost easily’. I shall have a think, and see what I can come up with. I think it’s a great idea and you write it very well, so it’d be fun to be part of it 😀

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