Always take time for a good breakfast. You need to go nourished into the flaming void of the new day. Coffee, omelet, croissants, orange juice, pastry, mung bean sprouts, strawberries, bacon and lots of steaks – fresh, bloody and kicking. Satisfy your appetites. Take what you need, or you will be taken by need.


Cordoba is a gorgeous place. The people there are beautiful, passionate, hot-headed, and there might be a unique element in their blood. That red in the walls of every building is no coincidence. There is magic, love, and lust. You should visit. Now!


There is a huge moth in the old lime tree, in front of your bedroom window. Don’t be alarmed; it’s your guardian entity. Please don’t call him ‘guardian angel,’ he hates that. Also, don’t close your blinds and leave overripe fruit on your windowsill.


The mist is coming. At eleven pm, it will roll in from the ocean, and bring back those who perished at sea. Do not open the doors. Do not open the windows. Do not talk to them. Under no circumstances let them enter your home.


Remember that big, antique Latin book you saw when you were a kid? It had the devil in it. You thought it was creepy for it called you by your name. Nobody heard it, but you. Yesterday it started whispering again. You should go and see it, bring some gasoline.


Yes, you are right. Doorways are creepy and bizarre, especially when people and things keep disappearing when entering them. You do not want to find out, where they go. The shadows lurking in the corners could tell you, but they don’t want to.


The white fox is following you. She will meet you while you visit your dead loved ones. She is looking for someone just like you for some decades now. You will fall in love. You know it’s wrong, but can’t help it. That feeling of dread will stay though.


It’s not the lamps or the bright sunlight. It’s your skin and your metabolism. Nothing serious, but you should contact your local witchdoctor.  She will know what to do, most of them do.


Don’t open the envelope. It will tell you all the truth there is to know. It is annoying, long and written in crabbed handwriting. If you want to sleep well, don’t open it.


A desert well formed, as you were born. Its water broke the sandy surface when you made your first scream. The locals call it Wadi Draal, but the water tastes oily and bitter, and it makes the animals sick. What does that tell about you?



The stars arrange themselves into new shapes and patterns, and you’ll know, that it’s not home anymore. You never cared for the stars, but now you can name each one. It might be the best, to pretend everything is normal.


The funny tasting fish you ate at that peculiar restaurant wasn’t salmon or tuna. It was a mermaid filet. Expect an episode of telepathy, clairvoyance, stranger voices from within your mouth, diarrhea and very bad timing.

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