Olaf is a resourceful man, isn’t he? A skilled hunter and a handy craftsman. A bloodthirsty maniac can still learn a lot from him. On your thirteenth day together, a black cloud comes, and man cannot walk, birds can’t fly, and fish can’t swim. Dear Aries, you will be safe, you will be held. It’s all upside down from here on, but you will BE.


Collect all dolls in your house, and put them into a box. Leave them out in a park, a parking lot, an island, the swamp, anywhere you like, but not near your house or flat. They mustn’t return to you. Their revenge will be most gruesome if they find you. They will punish you for what you did to them.


No. You don’t want THAT pet. That dog isn’t for you. We know it looks cute, and all the ladies would beg you, to let them pet it. He’s not a good boy. Well, he actually is, but not this week. This week it is possessed by a wind demon on the prowl. Stay away from that dog. If you want a pet that badly, wait another week. You will be able to save a stray from danger. The stray will be grateful.


Protect what you love. Sounds simple enough, but… you know us. Nothing ever is easy. Protect who you love, no matter what. You will find, that as soon as you recognize love, all hell breaks loose and you fight the windmills of change. Time slips away, places grow small and distant, and people become strangers.


Your hands lead a life of their own. During the night, when you sleep, they wander off into the distance, to a hidden place, where they can be together. Nobody will judge them, nobody will separate them, nobody will take away their handchild. Your hands will lead a life without being told what’s right (or left).


Time is a fickle lover. Your sacrifice is noted, but it takes a lot more to become the moment. Transforming yourself into the flow of time is a  worthy task, but you have to know what the cost is. You will master the alchemy of time, you will master the alchemy of space too, but will not be able to use the knowledge simultaneously.


In a distant region in a city with a secret name, they know you. They know your CV, your favorite food, your favorite color, your preferred lingerie and your most intimate phantasies. They even have a teaching subject about you. One day, when those children will graduate, they will be sent out. They will find you, seduce you and take you to that distant region.


That jackknife is rusted, but it is better than no knife at all. What’s it to a gunfight? Nothing but a firefly to a forest fire. Try anyway. Deal out some punches and kicks, break a mirror. Break a leg, break a face. Get that bloody nose and those bruised knuckles. Try harder every day. Be the sky and the stars. Look back at that firefly you once were.


There are too many twins in your life. You haven’t noticed, but some of them aren’t what they seem to be. All those doppelgangers tell lies. What can you do? Determine the fundamental wrongness in them, lie at them, spit the void back into their faces. Erase the doubles. Erase the doubt.


Red is coming. It is happening with the change of the season. It knows time, it knows space. It comes for you. The red haze is occupying an entropy pocket emerging, hiding, budding, submerging and pulling strings. It moves erratically up and down your timeline, zeroing in on a date you cannot fathom. It dares you to change.


No one cares what happens to those harsh judgments. They go under the currents of history. It is more than the negatives you’ve been delivering to your sociological ecosystem, it’s a new dynamic equilibrium. The draining of the pure blacks and whites result in more greyness than you are prepared to take in.


A lecture in fate: Note the backdoor system built into your psyche. Some call it moral standards, some call it religious beliefs. A genuinely good human is more about doing the brave thing than marching in unison under the flag of mediocrity. The shale taste of humiliation should be the clue, that your surrounding is toxic to you.

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