Part 1: Eyes in the Dark

Part 2

Triggerwarning: NSFW

Thousand forbidden delights was a room strictly for a paying customer’s pleasure. Being one of the better spaces, it held many unique features, including a hot sand bath, exquisite restraints for the body and the mind. The release came in many forms and shapes.
I was the master of many of them.

Upon entering the room, my customized settings activated. Walls turned opaque, displaying a dark, elegant and soothing design. My favorite was the large campfire under the night sky. The spectral light dimmed to mimic the warmth and the erratic movement of the fire. It reminded me of home, my brothers’ and sisters’ mating dances. The frenzy of interlocked bodies, moving like one massive heaving and staggering knot of biting, holding each other up or down- at that point, it was hard to tell- and mating until exhaustion made us pass out.
Besides, the golden light made my eyes glow with energy.

I thought of changing the color of the new sheets, but it’d be respectful to leave that choice to my patron. I preferred black lotus fibers over synthetic ones.
The nest was big enough for four individuals my size. It sat against the inner walls, hidden from prying eyes by now opaque screens with golden flakes woven into the otherwise transparent room divider. The gold gleamed like lightning dragonflies. Setting the mood was an important task and almost done.

A sigh made me aware that the Terran hadn’t followed me into the room. Was it his first time with a paid lover? He didn’t seem to be without experience. Was he nervous about me not being his species? Still, something was nagging at the back of my mind.
“Is there a real bed?” He looked around shyly- almost scared. I nodded at pointed to the freshly made nest. “Close enough,” his relief made me chuckle. “I thought there might be no bed at all, and I haven’t slept in one for a while. Huh, I haven’t slept properly for a very long time. Do you know some remedy against that?” He smiled a sad smile, and when he saw the leather straps, masks, restraints, and tools of punishment and pain, he stopped dead in his tracks. The gasp he couldn’t keep in made me curious.
Was he nervous, ashamed, or aroused? All I could see was the brightening of his cheeks and the quickening of his pulse on his neck. It pushed his buttons alright. I leaned in, sniffed his ear, and put an arm around his shoulders without letting my weight rest on him. “Of course, darling.”

Suddenly, I had a feeling; he had too much on his shoulders already. As if he carried the universe upon his head. To ease whatever he went through, I took his hand in my paw and showed him the nest, the sheets, the restraints, and the sand tub. “There are no limits,” I told him, whispering into his ear, observing the flow of his blood under his skin. “We can play with everything, to your heart’s content. Including me.” I licked his jaw, his neck, and his ear. He liked the nest, I could tell, and he seemed to enjoy a short whip. His hands and nose darkened a tiny bit, but his belly got brighter. I could see his clothes changing shade. “Should we explore what you need? Or do you want to map the fringe, the dark? I’m your toy, your medium tonight. Possess me,” I beamed at him. “Let’s relax and warm up first.” He stepped closer and made such a surprised face that I couldn’t stop myself from giggling.

“But- that’s really sand!” I nodded.

“Good, white sand from Utchara’s Deserts. Hot and cleansing.” He stared at me slack-jawed, then harrumphed politely.

“On Earth, we bathe in water.” I laughed out at such nonsense. Water was more precious than Zeke’s gold. Who would waste water on baths? My patron seemed to be serious, though. He nodded slowly. “But I’ve heard where water is rare, sand will clean too.” He looked at me. “Does your species need this kind of sand?” I shrugged.

“It’s pleasant. That’s enough for me. Others use it as treatment. The kind of warmth it provides, as well as the minerals, have healing properties. Zeke keeps the tub as an attraction. The bigger gate area pays handsomely for half an hour.” I bowed down to take off his boots. “But you, being with me,” I was down on my knees, stroking his legs, his thighs, slowly undoing his pants. “There’s no time limit for you, love.” He froze at my touch. I wondered if he had more credits in his pockets, or was it something else? His hands rested on my shoulders. His fingers fanned out to get through my coat to my bare skin. He curled the fingertips and dug them into my flesh. I purred dutifully. “Should I proceed?” My eyes caught his. “You can lock away your possessions, if you like. There’s an energy column for biometric locks.This room is protected by a special system of sensors and it’s very own life support.” He looked surprised, but he dug out a thick bejeweled glittering collar with a central piece of natural-looking crystal, on second thought that looked like a mash fabric of split spectral light.

Without any explanation, he put the collar around my neck. “Looks prettier on you than me. It goes great with the rest of your shineys.” He touched the many bracelets, earrings, and golden chain body harness and smiled sadly.”You may wear it as long as I’m here, and after that-” He bowed down to my face and planted a kiss right on top of my nose.
It made me sneeze instantly. He chuckled and let his palm rest on the crystal. It seemed he thought of something heavy.

He leaned down to kiss my shoulders, my neck. I pulled down his pants slowly, teasingly. Under his shirt, my paws explored the soft skin, the structure of the muscles. I was curious. This Terran wasn’t built for fighting, it seemed.

“One spot is as good as another.” He chuckled. “After I’m gone, maybe you’re to keep it, as long as you’re able to stay alive.” What a weird thing to say. The collar was stolen. I was sure. As soon as my finger pads reached elevated and hardened spots on his upper back and flanks, he hissed and jumped.”Careful. Sore spot.” I nodded and stood up, helping him undress. He groaned.There were wounds on his back, new and old, on upper and lower arms, and around his breastbone and ribs. He must have been in pain this whole time.

I put my paw gently onto his chest. Under my fingerpads, his skin vibrated with his slowing heartbeat. He sighed and closed his eyes. I understood what he meant. He was letting me explore his bruises.

“Did you know that Fellareans can heal?” He shook his head, keeping his eyes closed. “May I?” I stepped behind him and lightly embraced his chest. “Take away your pain?” I tried. “I need your consent to everything I’m about to do.” I rested my head on his. He nodded ever so lightly. Accepting help was not his forte.
I swallowed and breathed in deeply. My body started to vibrate, my chest, my belly, my head, and my arms. This was more than mere purring. Heat formed inside of me, sprouting an aura of light in waves. The fire of a star settled in the pit under my heart. The frequency increased, and I heard him gasp. His hands clamped down on my lower arms and squeezed.

I reacted instinctively. I hugged the man firmly to be able to support his weight if needed. His hands kept encouraging me, so I increased volume and frequency until I felt him relax. His back adopted my temperature, which was higher than his by far. His head lay heavy in the nook of my elbow. Could he be put in a trance too? “More?” I asked.

“No,” he whispered. “Thank you. No more.” His hands let go, and I walked him to the nest. “I need at least a kick in the teeth to stay on top of the game.” He smiled as his legs buckled under him. “Being alive and free is a race. It’s a privilege to win.” He sounded flat. I lay him down and me next to him. “I need to keep moving, or I’ll just give up and perish.” The way he spoke made me think of something one memorizes and recited, like a prayer.

“We all die,” I smiled.
“Not like me. No. Nobody will die like me.” His eyes shone with terror, bright and watery. As if the world he lived in hunted him for sports, maybe for punishment, maybe for food. His lips quivered, and his eyes leaked. Whatever transformed him into prey passed soon, his face was under control again except for a drop of liquid clinging to an eyelash. I’ve never seen anything like this cub-like exposure. I caught the droplet to taste it.

“Salty!” I licked his cheek and let out an involuntary chirp in delight. My patron burst out laughing, his eyes leaking more and more.
He sat up, wheeze-laughing. “You don’t even know who I am!” His arms crossed in front of his belly, and he let himself fall back into the sheets. “Hillarious! They will be so pissed! Hahahaha. You’re my last middle finger to them.”
His skin, his whole body lit up, happy, almost euphoric. “It must be the purring and surely some pheromones, but you’re one hell of a drug!”
He rolled on top of me. “Do it again!”

part 3: thrill of fringe flirts

part 4: Exitus

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