part 1 eyes in the dark

part 2 alien delights

NSFW, erotica

“You’re a man, dancing on the edge of a blade,” I said, nudging his nose with mine. This creature wasn’t used to be figured out, but I had an inkling of the desires he hid.”You talk like you’re saying your goodbye before you even say your hello.” The look on Terran’s face was cocky.

“You think so?” He felt on top of his game, for now. And I was here to challenge and support that feeling compellingly. Simultaneously. The smug grin betrayed him.
I knew his individuals of his kind. I seemed to attract them myself…

My patron was a man of pursuit at heart, and he needed to fight for whatever he chose to savor. The rapid patterns of flushing and cooling on his naked skin told me he still wasn’t relaxed enough to be curious, that the discomfort he was in just five minutes ago changed quality.
Around his eyes, light shone in a different shade, and I watched closely.

Despite the longing for pain and punishment and the theft of this trophy of crystals he put on me, he had something innocent about him. As if he was experiencing life for the first time, he was an animated contradiction. What a gifted creature!
“Do it again,” he demanded.

“Your wish is my command,” I smiled and undid the string holding my clothes together. I stretched to let him look, touch, stroke, and pinch as much as he liked. His fingers traveled along my flanks, the soft of my belly, the inside of my legs. He was disappearing his fingertips in my fur. I allowed him to examine me. He even giggled like a cub exploring an exciting new toy. He caught the tip of my tail after I teased him with it just out of reach.

“I want to see how you did your little trick. It was a strange feeling of vertigo and small light spots.” He pressed a palm onto the spot where my heart was beating, where the power of light was pooling. I started to hum and use my full vocal range. I could see my patron couldn’t hear most of it, but he felt them throughout his own body, as well as the heat I was generating. His skin prickled and he looked at the thin fluff raising on his arm.

I put my hand on his chest and beamed at him. “For the following part, you need more intimate contact. You’ll enjoy it more if you hug me tightly.” After all, that was why he was here. He paid for my company. I thought of telling him about the unique component in my saliva that made mating a transcending experience. He’d be in for a big surprise.
My species was made for mating, love, and spilling out secrets. He avoided any answer to my proposal; I saw he wasn’t ready. That didn’t matter. My body would unlock his, coax it into a state of ecstasy.

A kick in the teeth to stay on top of his game?
I couldn’t let go of those words. He seemed like the kind of person who needed the thrill to feel, who flirted with death as often as he could.
That wasn’t usual behavior.
Not by my experience, and I think not by the standards of his species. There was something I couldn’t catch just now. Maybe that was why he chose me, to experience my predatory appearance and instincts. I couldn’t hide the chuckle. He required dramatic events, grand gestures. I had to overdo it.He needed a competition, a fight, turmoil, or at least a situation without choice. As long as he felt he won or was served, this wasn’t fun.

Why did those words stamp themselves into mine? Was I- No.
No challenge.
No satisfaction.

Did his game involve consent too? Mine did. “Do I have your consent?” I whispered into his curious face. He nodded slowly. I grabbed the Terran in a surprise hug and rolled on top of him. He didn’t protest, just groan.”Now’s the time to tell me your safe word.” My mouth brushed the back of his right ear.

“Sunstone.” The word escaped his mouth, as if it was fleeing from a flood of other meaningless sounds. I could see his nape becoming brighter and brighter. He inhaled deeply and stretched to make his back broader. In vain, there was no way he could brace for me and my intentions slamming into him.

I leaned on him with my entire weight, curling one arm around his chest and the other around lower belly. I bet he expected me to go easy on him. My little tricks were my secrets. Their revelation had to be earned, by each of my patrons. I didn’t waste time and covered his whole body with mine. He tried to move, wiggle, escape my grasp, but he sank into the fabric of the soft nest and my body trapped his in this position. His struggles subsided as soon as I let the light and heat inside me surface. I bared my fangs and growled into his neck. He froze to the sensation. The sharp intake of breath and the quickening of pulse told me all I needed to know. There was more of that waiting to be unleashed upon unsuspecting prey. We both needed more.

I licked the soft skin over the prominent veins on the side of his throat. I nicked it with my teeth hard enough to draw blood. The taste was salty and somewhat sweet, not what I expected.
I felt his excitement before he did. He grunted with strain, tried to hide the heat in his lower back and to move out of the way. I wouldn’t stop now.
I needed to make him feel cornered. “Enjoy the thrill?” I licked the blood off. “Mmmmh. You taste good.” I tensed my muscles, let him feel my strength, so he knew I meant business. Some of his joints clicked and I waited for the shriek of pain. But he remained silent, stiffening under my grip.”If you don’t struggle, I won and you’re dead. I will eat you if you give up.” With that, I took his neck between my jaws and let him feel my fangs. My saliva ran down his throat, collected at his jawline, made his chin and nape wet. His wet hair lay flat against his scalp.

He suppressed his movement, I could tell, but his breaths came ragged and labored. Between clenched teeth, he expelled the tension, as much as he sucked in the air, as if suffocating. I lifted his head slightly, so his face lifted from the sheets. He winced softly. Even though he could breathe more freely, his breaths came fast and shallow; then, the acrid smell hit me. It resembled the scent of prey when the hunt almost ended. I pushed my teeth against his skin and noticed that I growled. I swallowed to push away my reflexes to bite down hard.
I waited for him to find his rhythm, any rhythm, but it didn’t seem to help. His jaws worked, teeth grated on each other. I felt it in my own jaws, the noise his teeth made travelled to my teeth too. He stretched and worked his muscled into vibration. This was distress and fear and I wanted to bite so badly. My tail swiped furiously hitting something delicate that crashing down.
Was it too much?
Did I push him too hard or not hard enough?
I let out a guttural roar, only for him. He shook uncontrollably. It reminded me of the pleasures I lost at home. So far away from anything familiar, here I found hunting again? I could feel his damp heat, the bulging between his legs. I had to keep myself from biting forcefully and tearing him apart. The noise caught in his throat.

The Terran under me stretched and relaxed alternatively. The strain I put on him transformed into a build-up, I was sure. The fear was bleeding into pleasure, I could smell it, I could taste it on his skin.
I shifted my hind legs to part his forcibly. His skin had become sticky.
How long until he entered the ecstasy I had poison him with?

Then he did something unexpected.
He gave way.
He parted his legs for me. Even more, he coiled them around mine and pushed himself against me.
His erection pressed against my lower arm, and I moved carefully to cater that need.
His thighs pressed against my legs and moved up to my hips.
The shyness in his movements changed into firmness and even desperate need. Under my tongue, he swallowed, and I felt his jaws relax. He opened his mouth to gasp, breathe, and moan. His hands gripped my fur in need for support.

There was relief at that moment. I won.

He surrendered. He surrendered to me, and my teeth on his neck. I pressed down on his throat and sucked in the coppery scent. He shivered. I missed my claws puncturing his skin and the noise of tearing tissue. I felt the fast drumming of his heart on my tongue. Fleeing and fighting at the same time.

My instincts stirred hard. His voice moved up and down in his throat, not translating sounds into meaning, but into an overwhelming flood of contradicting rhythms ripping apart what his composure once had been. The noises were louder than I imagined. Hungry howling. I licked the blood pouring from the wounds he caused. Growling greed. I caught myself moaning.

“Hurt,” he gasped. Breaking through the flood of chaos inside his mind, he found meaning and direction.”More. Please. That’s it. Hunt me, devour me. Yes. Take my breath away. Please take it away from me!” His whispers came like hushed forbidden prayer. His secrets came spilling out, and he couldn’t stop himself. “I don’t deserve it!” I shifted weight and lifted my hips.”Take it. I want you to. This is the place; I’ll never find a better one. Give me freedom. Give me peace. Forever!”
Something must have broken, and he couldn’t stop bubbling up his darkest wishes. He clung to me, like I was the only one to save him. His arching back encouraged me. His surrender to me was only the start. He surrendered his life, his game, his run to the present moment. Here. Now.

Losing control was his choice poison, and I would deal him all the poison he could take.

part 4 : Exitus

part 5: collection of bad decisions

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