R. C. D is born in Romania and lives now in Austria, where she busies herself as a family physician.

When she isn’t working, she writes poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. She recharges her batteries during storms and night strolls. In her stories, there is a distinct lack of happy endings. It might be pathological, she had that checked.

Some of her work is featured in “Bibliothek deutschsprachiger Gedichte XVII 2014”, “The Drabble,” “Paragraph Planet” and on “WriterToWriters.”

Inspired by Dirty Sci-fi Buddha‘s About page – I’m adding this bit to mine: I’m not Roxana

* * *

“The Story Hive” is destined to be a portable keyhole into my head and mind.

You’ll find here: traditional poetry, haiku, senryu, tanka, and renga, as well as flash fiction. You’ll see a lot of thoughts, travel pics, twisted scribbles, and zero-drafts.

I use words. Not only the nice ones… Consider yourself warned. Also, there might be an unnerving lack of proper endings. Just saying. 

Thanks for stopping by.

* * *


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