edge of time

edge of time

I sat on the edge,

the edge of the world,

wondering, for a while,

where my heart went.

I saw footsteps ahead

I saw motion beneath

the golden horizon

I stood up… Someone,

someone is coming back!

“Is that you?!

You came back?

For… me?”

The shadow is close now.

Bends, we nearly touch

“I was looking for you.

Don´t hide or run. Seriously,

we won´t play next time”




pic by Sarah Hickson, Saharan Desert



I’ve known the stars,

as I known the fates

of every woman and man.

-All traded…

Their precious time

for a tiny bit knowledge.

How easy to fool!

How easy to betray…

I gave them the science-

how to identify

the minutes they expire


Of all punishments-

this is the harshest

Becoming a human,

forced to dream, to desire.

Dying when the stars

go out, one by one…



pic: Your face is the night sky, by MaricaMalice


Useless map in my hands, gripped and folded neatly

It’s not where I’m supposed to be, not even nearly…

Where I’m going roads aren’t leadin’, but still needed.

There will be elementary darkness, when greeted –

Solid shadows from the balanced side of hell

lighting up torches of flesh, judging by the smell…

Nothing will flash its presence, to where I belong-

like crumpled up paper – my body won’t respond,

killing synaptic inferno, chemical burn dying

no more sparks to be gathered to a lightning

no more sweet moans, or arching back, no grace

nothing left to be released, diffused into open space…

Capture the blazing oblivion in irresistible pain!

Blinding gaze of ignorance … so stupid and vain.

sheep headed man

sheep headed man

Torn by the northern

wind, the sky looks

shattered and hurt.

A candle’s light dances

in my breath’s rhythm.

The sheep headed man

moves closer, shivers

under his old grey coat.

A candle’s light isn’t

enough to warm you up;

isn’t enough to

make you relax.

But it’s enough

To hope for more…

The ram looks me

straight in the eye:

“It is enough, for you

to need more,

to crave for more…”

pic by Julian Pardo