bad blood

bad blood

One cold night the full moon’s blaze burns

The children tremble and pray, taking turns

The sky bursts its heartbeat into buzz’n thunder

Black turning into whistling metal, going under

My sweet baby, there’s only blood for your baptize

ready for bed, after the noise and havoc slowly dies

Stay in your cellars, a howling beast is out tonight

It’s something beautiful, deadly and cruelly bright

The night shivers with autumn stars

Highways packed with abandoned cars

Dark and deep silence solidifies into absence

shifting days and nights back into balance

Wishful thinking, being covered in leafs and  mud

Meat and saliva, sweet baby, this is bad blood

edge of time

edge of time

I sat on the edge,

the edge of the world,

wondering, for a while,

where my heart went.

I saw footsteps ahead

I saw motion beneath

the golden horizon

I stood up… Someone,

someone is coming back!

“Is that you?!

You came back?

For… me?”

The shadow is close now.

Bends, we nearly touch

“I was looking for you.

Don´t hide or run. Seriously,

we won´t play next time”




pic by Sarah Hickson, Saharan Desert