Ladies and Gentlemen! Choose your poisons:

These are poems about shadows dissolving into the darkness of the world. Sometimes they belong to me, sometimes they belong to all humans. Demons we all know to exist.

Poems written in a bitter-sweet state of mind and soul. It’s thorns and bloom. You, who loved in vain, you’ll know. You, who suffered, you’ll recognize.

Demiurges, supernatural entities, monads, ghosts, ghouls, demons, werewolves, long forgotten gods… They stir in their sleep. When I can catch a glimpse, I let you know.

Mostly void – partially stars… Science fiction

Don’t let them fool you. These poems are killers. They’ve killed me. Thousand times. Over and over. That’s why they are a bit fuzzy – caught in a loop of pain, one gets disoriented. On the other hand, if it didn’t hurt, I haven’t done it right.

Music is my muse. Always.

Movies. Something that caught my eye.


All of the lazy poems I wrote.

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