safer alone

safer alone

That’s me… Leaning at the bar, staring myself down, in the mirror. God, I look awful… My face. Always crumpled-up, like the artist just didn’t like it. Carelessly thrown away. Old coffe-stained drawing of me – there you go, my life in a nutshell.

On my left, a gorgeous lady, with assassins look, drinking champaign. She smells of dark chocolate, her curves carefully wrapped in satin, like a summer night, solid black, eyes like the edges of ice in my already emptied glass.

On my right, a drunk. A future me? Two years ahead, or maybe just two months, two weeks? Anyway… I imagine. Laying my hand on her tights, to get down into that black night of hers, drown in it… Those lips… “`nother!” The bartender smirks and nods.

“Sweetheart. You’re having too much,” she states. I know, but instead of an answer I nod. “Don’t you wanna have more fun, than getting hammered? Spare some energy. Do it for me, pretty please?” Her smile. I’d die for that. I’d give everything for it, if it was real. If it was not directed to my wallet. But it is. And she’s fake, fishing for clients. Getting paid hourly…

“No” Getting drunk is cheaper anyway. It is safer. For her, maybe for me too… I don’t need more blood on my hands.

“Poor baby. Having a bad day? Let me ease your pain. Oh, your shoulders, why are you so tensed up? Does it hurt? Oh, dear. You’re ravenous…”

“I need to tell you. Something.” I swallow. I really should tell her. I… “You… It’s. Simply, you’re um, ravishing.”

She laughs. A beautiful victorious giggle, narrowing her gleaming eyes. Come on, tell her. She really should leave me alone. For her own sake.




Lately, matter is clustering…

That’s news to me, since there was none before.

And I wasn’t constantly bumping my elbows or knees or heads in it. Seriously, you just turn around and pay attention to that dark energy thingy, and BAAAM! You bump your head into a galaxy. You should have seen the look on my faces.

Surprise! Someone is tossing dirty snowballs at you, just send them back flying into oblivion.

Space is expanding, which is good, now I can stretch, at least. Really! My back is killing me. Figure of speech!

It’s getting cold too. I don’t like cold. My kind loves heat. All kinds of heat and pressure. It’s just a matter of time, when it will be so freezing, that I start to hibernate. Duh, fingers already clumsy. I should start looking for a proper place to rest… Sleep comes soon enough.

Stretching is fine, ah.

I only wish I wouldn’t toss those little pebbles around. This is annoying. Look at that one. It flies right into my eyes. Stings like hell. Little mudball.


Germs! GERMS!

Germs be GONE!