spank the monkey

Movie prompt: Knocking on heaven´s door / Cowboy Bebop Movie

Quote: “I love that kind of woman, who can kick my ass ” – Spike Spiegel


“Trick or treat! Trick or treat!” The kid screams and dances around me. I’m no maypole. “Trick or treat. Trick or treat!” Stay calm! This is a nice neighborhood, no one suspects a thing. Smile. SMILE! “Trick or treat, trick or-“

„Shut up kid! It’s not even Halloween and I’ve got no candy!” It isn’t impressed… Before this starts over again, this should be more fun.

Let’s see: „If you don’t shut up, I’ll bake you cookies with razors in it and force-feed you some!” I whisper with my sweetest voice and flash a big friendly smile. The child gasps in shock, eyes wide with terror.


“…Mommy?!” It runs back to the front yard, and looks pretty scared. “Moohoommiiiiiiiiii!” Ugh, I hate kids… Continue reading “spank the monkey”

difference between humans and beasts

difference between humans and beasts

a loving mother with a lost heart

divided by duty, obliterated, apart –

buried alive in the black mountains

deep down in a forgotten fountain,

still hearing the wilderness´ call.

feeling the overwhelming pull –

stuck in a prison without wall,

no bars to touch, or sound of war,

no cage to rattle on, no blood or ash-

just – warm softness of skin and flesh

caring friends, kiss of a loving man,

the gentle hands of a little humans.

holding a fox captive with much more than

chains, much more vicious than that!

a cruel thing only humans would do

Where Alderaan once was

Where Alderaan once was

Someone found the right place

All you’ve to do is twist your face

Someone found the right spot

To break the back bone of hope

Easy to break into my mind

Fields with land mines you’ll find…

They stare at the moon, evil ‘n its men

The moon stares right back at them – then-

Leaving now for good, without your name

it’s not mine to see your fame

Crumbled rocks and empty space

There you lose me at your gates-

Destruction is not nearly complete,I fear

Battle drum calling demons, that I hear

Even in heaven, angels cary weapons

Burning lifes, instantly shriveling, – lost in seconds

Ash, dying embers, the death cry of a star

Someone found the right place to start a war…



Pic Aldera City, Wookiepedia