soft spot

Mr. Jones’ psychotic adventures – part 2

 – part 1 – Where to, Mr. Jones?

There was a train, wasn’t it? You ask yourself, still half asleep. Train rides are always fun. You know that, don´t you?

Maybe not, when you are sitting on the lap of a full grown gorilla, and a thin man is forcing you to eat some fried spiders and crickets, with french fries. They are crunchy, but… Without ketchup, it simply doesn’t taste good.

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The Harpy

part 4 - perks of jumbled memories
-part 1, -part 2, -part 3

The black suit reacts to his touch with tiny tentacles reaching up towards the warmth of his skin. In no time it seems, the suit has liquified. It wraps him up from head to the tip of his toes. “Stop tickling,“ he giggles.

The suit hardens, and becomes transparent over his face. Those green eyes shine behind the visor, like lit from the inside. Is it bioluminescence? “Can you hear me? How’s it feeling?“ I ask.

“Awesome! But you could take off my leg, and I’d still feel awesome. With her in my system… Everything’s fabulous! She thinks you’re not dangerous.“ His voice is slightly distorted, as if speaking with two voices, his own and a more soft, lightly slurred one.

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The Harpy

part 2 -  confused AI
- part 1 -another way to die

„Captain Edward Wong, Doctor Oscar Wellington, two cyborg pilots, ninety-six maintenance robots, and me.“ The Harpy answers in a flat tone.

„See?“ Eddy gives me the I-told-you-so-look. „Where is Proto?“ he asks her.

„Proto is not on board.“ What?! „His suit is missing. Scanning… He is jamming me.“ Another I-told-you-so-look.

Proto is my assistant. He isn’t supposed to leave the ship. Where is he? What the hell is going on? He’s going to get in trouble…

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boca de morte

boca de morte

It is too damn hot and too damn humid to feel like a decent human being.

Plus, this is my last beer – maybe for months. Lukewarm as piss…

How the hell do people here cool themselves?!

The food is spicy, the liquor nasty. To shower is useless, cause I’m sweating.In. The.Shower! The river looks tempting though. But… I won’t take my chances, to end up with a weird, or nasty disease, or both.

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the morning star

the morning star
I’m in love with the morning star.  (pt 1)

Love and sacrifices are only meant for mortals…

Those were fate’s plans for the prince. His aberrant behavior lead to something more than the insignificance of a dust speckle. Still…

The deep blue void has many laws, unknown to humans. Which all-living things have to follow. Only very few of them referring to earth and the contamination of it. Some of them are about the balance of darkness and light, but most of them are about the void. The nothing, the emptiness, containing everything – black, white, blue, yellow, heat, radiation and vacuum. The world of a star. Everything hostile to a human body and life. Continue reading “the morning star”



I don’t know what it is…

We just sit on the stairs, outside, in the darkness. No one speaks. Rain. It is a gentle, silent rain like in autumn; still summer though…

Inside, the party is in full swing. Laughing, music and shattering glass. Next to me she moves suddenly. The ice cubes clinks in her glass. I still have liquor left in mine.

„You know“, she states, letting her voice slip away into the blue. „You know, I’m different.“ I wait if she throws a meaningful look at me, but she doesn’t.

I stare at her silhouette, trying to spot the thing that isn’t right. Feels like… Don’t know. She is weird. Definitely. She talks with an accent I don’t know where to put…

Besides, who else would prefer the chill outside over a party? Who cares? Something about her face catches me, in first place. I think it is her eyes. She keeps them casted down. But from time to time, she seems to forget it, and I catch a glimpse.

She has unusually bright yellow eyes, glowing with a soft golden light. As if there is a lit candle in the depth of her scull.

„I’m a foreigner.“ She says in a flat tone. This time she looks at me. „You should not be here. With me.“ Her eyes darken. „Leave! They come to pick me up.“

sympathy for the devil

Do you want to know a secret?

Never told this anyone before. Not even grandpa or mommy knows about this. But I tell you, sweetheart. You are my grandchild, and I know you will understand this someday. I can tell. It is one of my most treasured adventures… Oh, don’t be silly! Yes, of course, granny had adventures of her own. But this one was by far, the most intensive.

Once, I met the devil! Yes, I did, I truly did. The devil, himself! Don’t make that face, it will stay that way! What? You hope it will? Hahaha, you rascal!

It was a day, like today. Hot, filled with birds singing, and butterflies playing above the flowers. Summer was gaining power. The days grew longer and the sky changed from the spring grayish-white to the strong blue, marking the arrival of lasting heat… The lime trees were blooming. Just like today. You smell their scent? Isn’t this wonderful?

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the terraforming expert

The voice comes in distorted over the speakers of my helmet. Rains is concerned that I won’t make it. He could be right. Walking closer, he brings his helmet so close to mine, that the visors meet with a clacking noise. He yells his question.”Can you hold it?”

I manage a “yeah”.

My com is badly damaged after the accident. Power supply won’t last long. I see him gesturing wildly to the empty space we’d be supposed to cross. I don’t think he is hallucinating – so, my suit must be- offline… Damn. Bad timing.

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pink dog

Her fingers played  with some pink post-it notes on her desk. She kept sticking their tales to one another. A blue pencil rolled away, nearly falling from the edge of the desk. She caught it right away.

The sigh she let hover around in her chest escaped. So bored.  Still… She felt exhausted. The ashtray was empty. She looked at it. Not a smoker, remember? …No. She did not remember. She was a supposed nonsmoker. Now she wondered if her guess was right. The truth was – she could not remember. At all.

That is the definition of amnesia, she told herself. So tired and annoyed by it all. The watch on the wall showed that the doctor was late. Already five minutes. She hated it when people were late. Something recoiled in her stomach. Enough waiting.

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“I’m  more conductive, than other humans.“ The words bounce off my ears, spoken with the voice of a middle aged woman.

What was that? I look up puzzled.  The book in my lap is sitting tightly. The passenger in the seat opposite to me stares right into my face. It could have been her speaking… She says nothing more…  Awkward silence.  No context. No nothing – just staring…

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