WriterToWriters  and Mladen Reljanovic inspired me to compile what I know about storytelling and writing.

Another kick-ass penmonkey to ask for directions is Chuck Wendig, go check his terrible mind out! Or check him out! Sean Tuohy has some interesting things to say.

Writing Tips: (under construction- articles to come)

  1. Writing Voice and Inspiration
  2. Character
  3. Genius Fabulae, the spirit in the story
  4. A man to do your bidding, on heroes
  5. The lonely road to a place called EVIL
  6. 1st, 2nd, 3rd person narrator vs. POV
  7. World-building
  8. Line and sinker, on titles
  9. Stories have been told
    • Origin, Function and Dysfunction
    • Bones
    • Plot is a plot is a plot – (D, E)
    • Gasoline to put out the fire – on conflict
  10. Writing habit (The When, the How and the What-for)
  11. Genre:
    • NOIR
    • SCI-FI
    • Mystery


If you submit, your stories need a special format, if not stated otherwise on the submission page of the magazine/news/anthology – this is your way. Usually you can set your writing program (word, Pages…) to special templates.

Other resources: WritersWrite– (English), Writers in the Storm – (E), Dr Anette Huesmann -(Deutsch), Schreibwahnsinn -(D), Flash Fiction: The Drabble, Writing jobs: FreelanceWriting

Writing tips by fellow writers : with love

Poetry: Mommy’s little helper for the rhyme.

How to screenplay:  a real blessing to a writer: Work of William C Martell