inspired by “Jagged” by Jacob Ibrag

This common language of pain we both speak

you, and all random folk calling me – freak

This liquid misery, metallic and salty in taste

Look into a mirror- that’s sad crystalized to space


I know a scream, when your voice is gone

I know tears, when only salty paths are drawn

I know a broken heart, even if it turned to stone

I know the wounds that root in one’s bone


Like a flower of  hate, or treachery, it blooms too early

to carry crimson fruits, with seeds white, hard and pearly

All you can do is to stare in awe, consume, taste and regret

that the life you are poisoning is not your only debt


I know suffering when, your smile is warm and sweet

I know a war, if it’s etched into the soft hand I greet


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