I fell asleep in front of the TV
Stuck in a nightmare, pain janked me free
It reached in my chest ‘n tore at my heart
My life, my end? I couldn’t tell them apart
On screen the white noise blinked,
Pulsed’n watched. Who’d care if I went extinct?
“I do,” said the noise.

It came up close, dark holes for eyes, a breathy voice
“Whose sins & suffering can I feast upon, if you catch on?
Who else merrits this curse, if you’re gone?
The hand made of static gripped my pump harder
My hand shot up, caught the wrist.”I thought you were smarter”
I had prepared for this.”Gotcha now, scum!”
Its black slit grin filled the room with an angry humm
I was taking this demon down. What a good way to go.
“I send you back to hell. This lil thing is your show”
Laughter erupted. Deafening echoes vibrated in my chest& head
“You still haven’t worked it out, you moron” It cackled.
Nothing it would spew at me will leave me baffled
Life wires and my feet in the bucket of water were our destiny
I’d do anything to rid my home, this world of this evil entity
No more pain or guilt, no more shame
Handful of sizzling wires from my old TV did the trick
I cramped & the lights went out. I felt so sick
Static woke me. Must’ve slept in front of the TV
Had a nightmare & regret janked me free
A pain went through me, tore at my heart
On screen, the white noise smiled
Inspired by #satsplat and Craytus Jones

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