… and you thought you had problems.

Mr. Jones’ psychotic adventures – part 5 – end

-part 4-part 3-part 2-part 1

You wake up cause you can’t breathe. Albert is dancing on your chest, belly and tights. He’s heavy and his claws dig into your flesh, leaving red scratches all over you. „Good. Brwouuuf. You wake. Come on, human. Get her.“ You’re too tired to argue with the Great Dane. You think of complaining, but Albert keeps drooling on you. The dog won´t give up. You know that.

„Alright, right… her“, you grunt. It’s in the middle of the night. Dark. Albert steps on your toes. „Hey, watch it.“ You tell him, but know that it’s useless.

„I’ll bite you, if you don´t hurry.“ Albert growls. You shake your head at all the fuss. You wish you knew what´s going on. So, you are up now. Sitting on the bed. There is light in the wardrobe.

The dog puffs at the door and points to the kitchen. „Come on, human. What’s that thing doing in your face? Suck the air in. Sniff, man, sniff! Can’t you tell she’s in the kitchen?“ You look startled at the dog. You really sniff in the air. Scrambled eggs? Or is it just you, being hungry. You shrug and look hopefully at the dog. Albert rolls his eyes. „Humans…“ He really sounds annoyed. „Be careful. It’s full moon.“ He sits down. „Now deal with it!“

You scratch the back of your head. Albert expects you to go into the kitchen. There are sounds coming from in there. Someone is looking for something. You take a look. It’s Marina. She’s naked, her back turned to you, her tail twitching nervously up and down. She seems upset.

„Sweetheart?“ You ask. She doesn´t hear you, so you come a bit nearer. „Marina? Darling?“ You hear a low growl. Each step you take towards her, her snarling gets louder. She reminds you of a predator, crouching over her prey. You see her bloody hands. The meat…

„DON’T COME CLOSER!“ She screams. “DON’T!“ Her voice pitches, into a high painful tone. It resembles a sob, but isn´t. Like you step on the tail of a dog… It makes your guts cramp. She’s shaking. You notice that now.

„Tell me. What’s wrong? You can tell me everything.“ You start very carefully. You don’t touch her shivering back, but you want to. She cries.

„The moon.“ Your eyebrow goes up. Albert mentioned something about full moon.

„What´s with the moon?“ You try again. Even gentler.

„Look at me! It’s full moon. I’m a lycanthrope! A werewolf! You know what that means, don’t you?“ She looks at you and her face makes your heart skip a beat. Her eyes!

She has yellow eyes now! She is even more beautiful than yesterday! „I don’t want to hurt you. I like you… Really do. I don´t want you to get hurt. It makes me crazy. I need fresh blood.“ She shoves you apart and grabs another piece of raw meat.

She looks weary at you, searching for your reaction. Any reaction.

You sigh and shake your head. Then you smile, smile at her your brightest smile. „You know, darling… I have to tell you something. I should have told you the first time we met. I´m… I´m nuts. Mad. Completely… I´m a lunatic. The doctors told me. It’s Psychosis.“

She starts laughing. You giggle. She takes it better than you expected…

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